History of Muhammadiyah

Muhammadiyah is a islam organization and has a mission in education and missionary endeavor. Kiyai Hadji Ahmad Dahlan is a founder for this organization. Ealry, his name is Darwis after go to mecca for hajj and study in some place, he got new name Ahmad Dahlam, a name who has high charismatic. His father name is Abu bakar. But I want used the suffi doctrine, I think Ahmad Dahlan is a human has a power especial because when he child, Darwis always did something who it is in his view  no right, in this movie we can take sample when he take a food from a big tree and he given to hungry peoples, other fact why he gets new paradigm about social contexts in Kauman and it is refer to islam doctrine?, if we used other characters, I think all peoples in Kauman go to Mecca to hajj and study

but just he get new spirit. So there are secret in Ahmad Dahlan character in suffi paradigm.

In this movie described that how the Ahamd Dahlan’s view the social context condition in Kauman Jogjakarta, the peoples used islam as a role but in traditional paradigm where the people must be refer to traditional ceremony not to real islam doctrine. And many islam misionary has adhering strictly to a religion how they view islam in the social real. So, it is very contradictive for Ahmad Dahlan paradigms, he wants to change this condition and back to real islam doctrine. When he came back from mecca, he tries to given new paradigm about islam but it is not easy for him, any peoples disagree about the approach teaching in islam and how he view islam, this problem also given concern in his family.

The climax for this problem when Ahmad Dahlan stay in one village and he got a responsiblity to manage a mosque. In this place, he tries to given teaching in other style for his students. Also given new paradigm about learning that teachers not always given material like he wants to students but students also have right to get knowledge what they wanted. Other new paradigm from Ahmad Dahlan about orientation in praying (kiblat), he has opinion that some mosque not refer to mecca in building this is based on lies country (pulau Jawa) and Mecca on map. Refer to his new knowledge about Geography, he tries to explain but of course all peoples cannot agree with his opinion because the traditional paradigm whatever the new in the world and that is not muslim production so that called infidel. Because his new paradigm about islam and social context, all peoples dislike him. So his facility to islam teaching  was destroyed.

But, Ahmad Dahlan never give up, with some supports he goes to Mecca again for more deeply undestand about islam and making relation with other peoples to building back his paradigms in Kauman Jogja. And his mission successed, when came back from Mecca during five years he knew about Budi Utomo’s organization, for this reference he studied about movement in organization. Ahmad Dahlan now more wisdom and smart, he try to apply modern system in teaching and uniform style. Based on Budi Utomo’s organization and Dutch’s School, he opened Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Diniyah as a school for peoples. This is a first reform in traditional islam especially Jawa island. Of course, the environment peoples disagree for his reform but with his wisdom he tried to explain about this and used rational arguments.

Based on his knowledge from Budi Utomo’s organization, Ahmad Dahlan tried to make organization as his mission in education and missionary endeavor. After discussion about this and refer to Allah, Ahmad Dahlan used Muhammadiyah name in his organization and the meaning that is as follower Muhammad prophet. Of course, he got controdictive about it include his wife and family but with his wisdom and knowledge he successed to introduce Muhammadiyah organization and all people can received and openned for it. But it is not winning, that is begin for Ahmad Dahlan and his organization to make reform in social context islam especially in Indonesia.


Sang Pencerah ( Movie about Muhammadiyah)


Social Context

Sang Pencerah Movie is a real story about Muhammadiyah’s Organization. The significant context for this movies it has a clear explanation about the Muhammadiyah Image in society especially in traditional community, many peoples have assumption that the Muhammadiyah paradigm never used traditional ceremony (tahlilan) and always contradictive with the sunnah, the paradigm original that the Muhammadiyah only making simple a religion ceremony and not want force someone when he has problem in economy side because islam is a religion which always ease for his followers, when the followers want to religion service. In this movie we can take sample, when Ahmad Dahlan given comment about the peoples want to married but their have problem in ecomony side. So, the Muhammadiyah paradigms about islam alwasy refer to social context and not want making hard for islam followers.

The Muhammadiyah organization also given reform in thought islam viem about knowledge, any muslim has traditional paradigm that all product from non muslim or unbeliever and used it by muslim so called infidel. Here, Muhammadiyah given new paradigm that muslim must be open with another knowledge to developing islam, whatever that if it is good and can apply to develop islam so why not to copy and applied.

In my analysis, however I born in traditional islam environment and all peoples handle NU as organization and I active also in Mathla’ul Anwar, it is islam organization also but I have view that the management and system also paradigm about islam, Muhammadiyah has thought liberal and contextual in social context, however some Muhammadiyah organizers sometime wrong in apply about Muhammadiyah context so there are negative image about Muhammadiyah but this movie given new image about Muhammadiyah organization that all image about Muhammadiyah not always true jus the organizers has paradigms.




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