About Me

My name is Selvia Chelsie, just call me Chelsie. This year I,m seventeen years old. I’m A. My hobby is watching movie, reading some books, and listening to music. And I like to speak English and Japanese sometime. I loved anime, manga, and all about Japanese music, like idol group, band and etc. And I like Korean music and drama (but not all) because the story is very interesting. I love Taylor Swift’s song and Avril Lavigne too. I just love music. And my secret hobby is ‘drawing’ (but now it’s not a secret anymore). My drawing style is little bit like Japanese manga.


Kawai ne ? (is it cute, right?)

My favorite movie is “One Litre of Tears” and “Taiyou no Uta”, it’s all a Japanese movie. These movie has a sad ending. But from this movie a learn something important in this life. “We can choose our life, but you can’t choose our fate”.



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